Travel Information for Kinnekulle

By Car

Kinnekulle is located on the southeast shores of Lake Vänern between Lidköping and Mariestad. For driving directions check out Google Maps.

By Boat

There are several smaller ports on Kinnekulle. Guest harbours are available in Hällekis and Blomberg, but there are also guest harbours close by, from which you can go to Kinnekulle by local transportation, in Lidköping, Mariestad, Läckö Slott and Spiken.

By Train

The easiest way to get to Kinnekulle is by the Kinnekulle train. There is a direct line from Gothenburg, but it is also available from other location through transfer. The direct line stops in Källby or Hällekis. Other lines also stop at the smaller stations of Blomberg, Trolmen, Råbäck and Forshem. All of these stops are in the vincinity of hiking trails and work well as start out points for hiking Kinnekulle. Hours for the direct line to and from Gothenburg are available in the column to the right.

The full schedule for the Kinnekulle train: Göteborg-Örebro and back (valid to 2014-06-15) is available here

For trainhours from other locations, check out ResPlus, SJ or Västtrafik

By Local Bus

Bus 106 to Källby from Götene or Lidköping. Schedule for Bus 106 is available here (Valid to: 2014-06-14)

Bus 116 to Husaby from Götene or Lidköping. Schedule for Bus 116 is available here (Valid to: 2014-06-14)

Bus 221 to Forshem - Österplana - Gössäter - Hällekis from Götene. Schedule for bus 221 is available here (Valid to: 2014-06-14)

Direct Trains

Direct Trains from Gothenburg (to 2014-06-15)

Gothenburg 09:25 - Hällekis 11:36 (mo-fr)
Gothenburg 11:05 - Hällekis 13:01 (sa)
Gothenburg 11:25 - Hällekis 13:22 (su)
Gothenburg 14:05 - Hällekis 16:21 (su)
Gothenburg 14:55 - Hällekis 16:56 (sa)
Gothenburg 17:05 - Hällekis 19:04 (sa)
Gothenburg 17:25 - Hällekis 19:36 (mo-fr)
Gothenburg 17:50 - Hällekis 19:54 (su)

Direct Trains to Göteborg (to 2014-06-15)

Hällekis 05:49 - Gothenburg 07:55 (mo-fr)
Hällekis 08:46 - Gothenburg 10:55 (sa-su)
Hällekis 09:36 - Gothenburg 11:55 (mo-fr)
Hällekis 12:06 - Gothenburg 14:25 (sa)
Hällekis 14:25 - Gothenburg 16:25 (so)
Hällekis 14:42 - Gothenburg 16:55 (sa)
Hällekis 14:54 - Gothenburg 16:55 (mo-fr)
Hällekis 17:35 - Gothenburg 19:35 (so)